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Rochester, NY Animal ControlOne of the largest misconceptions about removing wildlife from in or around your home is that it is as simple as setting up a trap. Unfortunately, wildlife works on its own terms. Setting the proper trap is not the only way to catch the animal; having a careful eye and inspecting weak spots and entry points are key. Let the specialist with over 40 years of experience with humane wildlife control will remedy your residential or commercial challenges.

Our Services Include:

Here at American Wildlife Management, we believe it is our job, not the customers, to check traps. By checking the traps every 24 hours, the trapper will get a better sense of the animals' habits. This helps in making adjustments to catch the pest more efficiently. Reliable and fast service with answers to your questions and concerns...and a guarantee that your problem is handled with the utmost satisfaction.

To better understand the process, you should be asking the following questions to make sure you are hiring a professional and humane animal trapper:

  1. How long has the nuisance trapper been in business?
  2. Is the nuisance trapper the owner or an employee?
  3. Is the nuisance trapper fully insured?
  4. Is the nuisance trapper licensed by the Department of Environmental Conservation (nuisance licensed)?
  5. Does the nuisance trapper carry a Department of Environmental Conservation Trapping License?

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